Vital statistics
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Occupation Aspiring Film Producer
Nationality -
Alias(es) Kevin
First Appearance Down in L.A.
Portrayed by Jordan Johnson-Hinds

Kevin is an aspiring film producer with his friend Cam. He is portrayed by Jordan Johnson-Hinds.


During a pool party at The Lux, Kevin and Cam approached Raquel with a script they were writing, in hopes of finally turning it into an actual movie.

At a meeting with Raquel and an agent, the receptionist confirms that the agent will be late. Kevin and Cam bail Raquel because they've got a Bar Mitzvah to go too and they can't be late.

After Raquel meets Gary, a recovering alcoholic and was once a producer, he offers to fund Raquel, Cam, and Kevin's film a couple hundred thousand dollars.